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There is a lot of information stored in UniCarbKB that provides useful context on global and site-specific glycosylation of individual and mixtures of glycoproteins. The glycoprotein page, accessed from the navigation bar, is a quick navigation aid to find such content:


  1. Point your browser at the UniCarbKB glycoprotein page at
  2. Start typing your glycoprotein of interest into the filter box, and UniCarbKB will start to match names in the database as you type, by showing a quickly adjusting dropdown list of glycoproteins.
  3. To view more information available for a glycoprotein of interest, select the item from the dropdown list.
  4. Press the Filter button.
  5. Click an item’s name or accession number to open the Glycoprotein summary page.

Immediately, after pressing the filter button the table will be updated listing entries that match your selected glycoprotein name(s). The table lists the UniProtKB accession number, taxonomy, reported number of glycan structures and a label indicating if site-specific glycosylation information is available.

It is also possible to search by UniProt Accession number by using the ‘Protein Accession’ option listed at the main query page Similar, to above an autocomplete feature is enabled that will match stored accession numbers with the text entered.


An example glycoprotein page can be found here
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