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UniCarbKB is a manually annotated and non-redundant glycan structure and glycoprotein database. Although UniCarbKB provides annotated entries for all species, its primary focus is the annotation of proteins from mammalian systems of distinct taxonomic groups to ensure the presence of high quality annotations for representative members of all protein families - entries are continuously reviewed to keep up with current scientific literature.


To date, the knowledgebase provides access to experimentally determined glycan structures and sites of glycosylation on a protein(s) where known; protein and gene names use standardised official nomenclature and synonyms from the literature and other databases, with associated glycosyltransferase enzyme-specific information, tissue localization, and species of origin. For each glycoprotein record two levels of annotation are provided where known: (i) global-specific data denotes glycan structures characterized on a single purified glycoprotein; (ii) site-specific data for individual glycan structures that have been experimentally verified to be attached a given amino acid sequence position.

Search Features

Users can choose to search UniCarbKB by (sub)structure, monosaccharide composition, glycan mass, taxonomy, tissue, glycoprotein (accession number or Swiss-Prot name) or literature publication. The search results are displayed either as simple lists or as mini-summaries, with links to associated data.