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Taxonomy Overview

The taxonomy schema is based on the NCBI taxonomy database, which is supplemented with data specific to UniCarbKB. Species with manually annotated and reviewed glycoprotein and glycan structure data are named according to NCBI convention. You can query the UniCarbKB taxonomy by taxon names. Searches by names are case-insensitive and to assist we have provided an autocomplete search feature – so that when you search for a taxon name the feature will automatically list matching taxonomies with entries in the database - this implementation ensures that taxonomy searches use the correct names and form as defined in the database. In addition, users can search for multiple taxonomies, simply by searching and selecting a name from the autocomplete list.

Subsequently, each taxonomy entry is annotated with a corresponding NCBI Taxonomy identifier that allows for interoperability between glyco-focused databases that support NCBI terms including EUROCarbDB, GlycoBase and Glycome-DB.


If searching for viruses the species field describes the organism from the DNA of the protein originates.


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