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The UniCarb KnowledgeBase offers the community access to a growing, curated database of information on the glycan structures of glycoproteins. Primarily, at this stage, UniCarbKB is a eukaryotic glycoprotein-centric resource built upon a corpus of curated information originating from GlycoSuiteDB and a select number of datasets from EUROCarbDB. We are actively curating more recent publications that contain (partially or completely characterized) glycan structures with supporting experimental data, predominantly from glycoprotein(s), including site-specific data when available.

A complete overview of publications can be viewed by clicking the ‘References’ tab in the navigation bar. The References page tabulates all publication details inclusive of title, year of publication, authors and journal name, in addition to the number of described glycan structures. By default the number of publications visible is limited to ten entries, and pagination is used to improve content layout. At the bottom of the page users can use the page counter to scan through lists of results to find the publication of interest.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the References tab from the navigation bar at the top of the page
  2. Search for a title or author by entering text into the search bar
  3. To view individual publication content including glycan structures, biological context and experimental information, users can click the publication title.



To help users quickly find a publication of interest we have provided an intuitive filter box, which can be used to filter publications by matching an author name or publication title. For example, entering mucin will retrieve publication records with the word ‘mucin’ in the title; alternatively typing an author name will list all appropriate papers.

Viewing Individual References

The publication template is divided into these sections:

  • Bibliographic header displays information about the publication with an external link to PubMed.
  • Abstract and Structure section displays the abstract provided by PubMed and a graphical listing of glycan structures curated from the publication that are linked to the ‘Glycan Structure’ page.
  • Contextual navigation options accessible from the sidebar include  ‘Biological Associations’, ‘Validation Method’ and ‘Connections’.

An example publication listing is shown.